Jun 25, 2017

About Us


Formar Foundation is a non-profit organization with ties to both Latin America and the United States that connects education innovators and offers a platform for the development of new ideas, supports innovative approaches to education, and promotes successful practices from various sectors and from the region to build the future of education.

Formar Foundation is composed of a team of Latino education stakeholders, across the continent – political leaders, public policy officials, education professionals, investors, donors, entrepreneurs, and volunteers with experience – who share ideas and collaborate to seek creative solutions to solve challenges facing education.

Our Vision

Formar Foundation’s dream is to help build the new leadership needed to improve quality in education for every student in the continent, in particular the most vulnerable ones.

Our Mission

To identify the new generation of education leaders and generate a new conversation about the need to bring innovation to the education system.

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E-mail: info@formarhub.org


888 17th Street,
NW Suite 800,
Washington, DC 20006
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O: 202 833 1281
F: 202 822 9088